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Troop Ceremonies

Ceremonies section is under construction.  More will be added soon.           

Shown below are just a few examples of different types of Girl Scout Ceremonies.  Feel free to use one of these or even have the girls make up one of their own!  If you have a ceremony you can share with our District, please send them to Shelley Oliveira.

Investiture Ceremony

Usually held in the Fall for Girls that are brand new to Girl Scouts.

        Girl Scout Ceremony Aids                  Ceremony Planner

        Patrol Leader Ceremony                 Bronze Award Ceremony

          Bridging Ceremonies                     

       Junior GS Sign Requirements          Candle Ceremony        

        Flag Ceremonies                                     Campfire Ceremonies

          Troop Ceremonies                                  Thinking Day Ceremonies

          Investiture/Re-dedication - all Levels


If your troop has a favorite ceremony and you'd like to share it, please email it to Shelley Oliveira at      


Overview Examples - How Journeys fit with badges

 It's Your World, Change it!

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience comes to life for girls and the adults in the journeys. All the leadership keys of Discover, Connect, and Take Action along with the Girl Scout processes of Girl Led, Cooperative Learning, and Learning by Doing are woven through each journey.



 It's Your Planet, Love it!

What will you find in these new books? The Girl Scout Leadership Experience comes to life for girls and the adults in these journeys. The leadership keys of Discover, Connect, and Take Action, along with the Girl Scout processes of Girl Led, Cooperative Learning, and Learning by Doing, are woven through each journey.



It's your Story, Tell it!

This series explores many of the same important themes found in uniquely ME! such as developing a strong sense of self, learning about the benefits of a balanced diet and physical activity, developing healthy relationships, identifying ways to express yourself, and promoting well-being and confidence.




Events, Outings or Field Trips: all girls must have a signed permission

slip whenever they leave your troop's designated meeting place. 


Short Term Travel:  These are day trips to local areas within driving

distance.  Short Trip Notification Form is no longer needed.

However, we recommend you use the Parental Passport these trips.


Extended Travel:  This form must be submitted to your TO 18 months/2

 years in advance for international travel. Contact your ME for more

information regarding international trips, including Canada. This form must

also used for trips that will be longer than two nights and/or take place at a

distance of more than 200 miles.


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Troop Ideas - See what some of our Sister SU are doing:

     Links for Daisy Leaders          Links for Brownie Leaders

     Links for Juniors                   Links for Seniors & Cadette

     Scouting Web 

For meeting examples and ideas, Under Volunteer Management  - Daisy thru Cadette Click Here.

For our girls:    The "Go Girls Only" GS Central Website

 There are many other Girl Scout and Council Websites that are there to help you.  Make sure when visiting other Council sites, that you remember each Council is unique.  Resources, policies or  suggestions should be confirmed against GSSEM policies. 

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